Enrico Bressan (Montebelluna, 1968) is an italian artist who lives and works between Berlin, London and Italy.
He works across a wide range of media such as photography, videos, minimal sculptures and multimedia installations. Bressan adapt images, objects and situations from everyday life and places them into an artistic context, often using irony and poetry. His analysis, driven by a constant questioning of the reality, involves a dialogue between opposites, such as order and chaos, life and death, truth and ambiguity, everyday and the sublime.
Selected Exhibitions, Shows, Projects and Screenings  
2015 ARType: Archétypes de l’art vidéo italien contemporain, Cinémathèque québécoise (Montréal, Canada)
         Slittamenti, 2video (curated by G. Viceconte) UnDo.Net
2014 ARType, (curated by P. Granata, S. Grandi) Palazzo Collicola (Spoleto)
         Videoart Yearbook IX ed. (curated by R. Barilli, G. Bartorelli, P. Granata, S. Grandi) (Bologna)
         Contamination, DVD - L’Oeil D’Oodaaq (Rennes)
2013 ARType, Archetipi della videoarte (curated by G. Bartorelli, F. Naldi, P. Granata) (Vicenza)
         Videoart YearBook, Museo del Novecento (curated by Renato Barilli) (Milan)
         Playtime, [.BOX] (curated by C. Freschini) (Milan)
2012 杂家 Zajia Lab // Beijing Project Space (curated by C. Freschini) (Beijing)
         Playtime, ArtVerona (curated by C. Freschini) (Verona)
         ON VIDEOS for hours and hours III, (curated by R.Barilli) (Trento-Bolzano)
         N.I.C.E., Fotofever - Tour & Taxis (Brussels)
         Videoart Yearbook, VII ed. (curated by R.Barilli, G.Bartorelli, F.Naldi, S.Grandi) (Bologna)
         Work, 2video (curated by G. Viceconte) UnDo.Net
         SignOUT, Visual Arts Department (Oradea, Romania)
         On videos for hours and hours, Arte Boccanera (Trento)
         Videoart Events, Villa Pomini (Castellanza)
2011 Proyector, 4° festival international de videoarte (Madrid)
         Flashforward, [.BOX] Videoart Project space, VisualContainer (Milan)
         Arte Video Roma Festival 2011, Cinema Teatro Volturno (Rome)
         Under the Snow, Codalunga  (Vittorio Veneto)
         Venduto 2 (Milan)
         Artconnect Berlin Launch, LEAP (Berlin)
         Art Hub Archive, freeUnDo online
         The Art of Tarots, Blissland Project (Berlin)
2010 Highlight What You Love, Grimmuseum (curated by Silja Leifsdottir) (Berlin)
         Festa del Migrante, neon>campobase (Bologna)
         Speederbike Primitive, Grimmuseum (curated by Despina Stokou) (Berlin)
         Fissioni, Villa Correr (Montebelluna)
         lasik surgery | cyclo, DVD - silentes minimal editions
2009 Very Late at Night, neon>campobase (Bologna)
        The Golden Age, Fondair Art Space (Montebelluna)
        1 h art (curated by V. Checchia and A. Santomauro) neon>campobase (Bologna)
         I.R.C. Project  -  5 Architects for an Immigration Removal Centre
2004-2008 Everest, Fondair Art Space (Montebelluna)
         Spazi Uniti, Fondair Art Space (Montebelluna)
         EgoSurfing, Fondair Art Space (Montebelluna)
         Sottopelle, Fondair Art Space (Montebelluna)
         Upnea22, Fondair Art Space (Montebelluna)
2002 Phada Murgania, Badoere (Treviso)
2001 - 2002 R.A.M./R.A.M. 2, Volpago del Montello (Treviso)
2000 Phase, Ki Ho Space (Florence)
         La mosca elettrica, Amadeus Editions
1999 Vuoto/Fragile, Villa Correr (Montebelluna)